Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


The Core Team compiled a comprehensive chart of all data gathered from all sources – internal SWOT exercise, regional survey, focus groups, targeted interviews – and performed a comprehensive SWOT analysis (Table 10). The information contained in the updated SWOT informed CEDS 2023 priorities, goals and actions for Southeastern Connecticut.

As to be expected, there are numerous themes common to both the 2017 SWOT analysis and the regional SWOT analysis prepared for CEDS 2023. Importantly, there are significant new topics in the 2023 regional SWOT analysis. Common and new topics are presented in Table 11.

To conclude the stakeholder engagement process, the Core Team reviewed key findings from the internal and regional SWOT analyses, regional survey, focus groups and targeted interviews. With this key information available, the Core Team and seCTer staff then formed and assembled seCTer’s economic recovery and development priorities into three goals. This approach is to assist seCTer communicate and clarify the key role of regional economic development. Throughout the stakeholder engagement process, it became clear that there are a wide variety of ways in which residents characterize activities associated with economic development. By defining and articulating clear regional goals and objectives, seCTer can provide a unifying vision for residents, business owners, community leaders and government officials alike.